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ADEC and its founders have been in the consultancy business since 2010. Founding Partners have on individual basis been working in consultancy business as practicing entrepreneur in the key areas since 2008. From inception, successful services have been provided to the satisfaction of clients in the following areas:

1.1. Rigorous Evaluations and Surveys.

1.2. Systematic Data Collection and Monitoring.

1.3. Writing Professional Papers.

1.4. High Level Reporting and Presentations.

1.5. Strategic Planning.

1.6. Multidisciplinary Program & Project Design.

1.7. Appraisals, Feasibility Studies, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Value Chain and Competitiveness Analysis.

1.8. Capacity Building Assessments, Training Design, Provision & Mentoring.

1.9. Results-Based Management.

1.10. Strategic & Operational Planning.

1.11. Managing Agricultural Extension.

1.12. Extension Training & Adaptive Research.

1.13. Extension Resources Development.

1.14. Supporting post conflict Relief, Recovery & Development Support.

1.15. Environmental Impact Assessment Climate change adaption and mitigation and other Environment and Natural Resources Studies.

1.16. Institutional and Organizational, Assessment and Development.

1.17. Strategic Business Planning.

1.18. Policy Analysis/Review;

1.19. Farming Systems Studies.

1.20. Technology Constraints Analysis.