We are an East African based consulting organization operating since 2010, whose aims are to provide professional consulting services to development organizations, private and public sectors in the rapidly growing economies of Central & East African Region. ADEC provides to its clients high quality consulting services on a demand basis, with main focus on Development Program, Project Cycle Management, and covering a) Inception & Identification, b) Preparation & Design, c) Appraisal & Feasibility Studies, d) Monitoring & Managing Implementation, e) All Evaluations, f) Closure .... Read More

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Message from Director

Prof. Joseph Mudekereza

Welcome and thank you for sparing some time with us! Aspire for African Development & Consulting (ADEC) works with many organizations, institutions and individuals from different countries allover the world. We realized the need to help struggling organizations/institutions in the low developed Central & East Africa to realize their potential and market them world over.

Development organizations including International, local and Community Based Organizations are called to apply for free consultation from our institution. The main reason why ADEC was founded is to contribute to development and make the world a better place to live.

Over the years, we have accumulated a partnership with about 50 both corporate and private entities in Africa and abroad to help us to reach our goals.

Thanks to all those who have trusted and those who will trust our institution for the betterment of their services and in contribution to development struggle.