We are an East African based consulting organization operating since 2010, whose aims are to provide professional consulting services to development organizations, private and public sectors in the rapidly growing economies of Central & East African Region. ADEC provides to its clients high quality consulting services on a demand basis, with main focus on Development Program, Project Cycle Management, and covering a) Inception & Identification, b) Preparation & Design, c) Appraisal & Feasibility Studies, d) Monitoring & Managing Implementation, e) All Evaluations, f) Closure .... Read More

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International Labour Outsourcing

Local and International Labour Outsourcing:

General Recruitment (Domestic)

A footprint with capability in key locations to deliver workforce/labour solutions to our customer by sourcing, recruiting and on-hiring skilled labour for our clients in different industries and sectors.

Specialist Recruitment (Indigenous Employment)

We develop from the ground up a labour solution around attaining specific employment outcomes for target minority groups, our specific expertise on Indigenous employment. We provide a turnkey solution from engagement, training, employment, mentoring and support to achieve sustainable employment outcomes.

International Recruitment

A national capability through a joint venture partnership with a specialist International Labour Recruitment Company to sources skilled employees currently from key participating countries abroad. We offer full screening including, but not limited to, employee background check and control of the recruitment and selection process to our clients.

We partner with other experienced labour outsourcing firms to deliver services in this sector.