We are an East African based consulting organization operating since 2010, whose aims are to provide professional consulting services to development organizations, private and public sectors in the rapidly growing economies of Central & East African Region. ADEC provides to its clients high quality consulting services on a demand basis, with main focus on Development Program, Project Cycle Management, and covering a) Inception & Identification, b) Preparation & Design, c) Appraisal & Feasibility Studies, d) Monitoring & Managing Implementation, e) All Evaluations, f) Closure .... Read More

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GIS Management Information Systems

The GIS Electronic Management Information System (MIS) is are tools that brings together all the field information on to the desktop as a one stop centre.
The information on these tools can be organized on the basis of the particular needs of the users.It is a desktop based tool that is very useful for monitoring.The tool can also integrate photographic elements with the GEO information.

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