We are an East African based consulting organization operating since 2010, whose aims are to provide professional consulting services to development organizations, private and public sectors in the rapidly growing economies of Central & East African Region. ADEC provides to its clients high quality consulting services on a demand basis, with main focus on Development Program, Project Cycle Management, and covering a) Inception & Identification, b) Preparation & Design, c) Appraisal & Feasibility Studies, d) Monitoring & Managing Implementation, e) All Evaluations, f) Closure .... Read More

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ADEC is continually upgrading its Organizational and Institutional set up to meet the growing needs of our expanding clientele. At ADEC professionalism has been key to our outstanding services. We have a team of consultants as well as full time dedicated personnel with experiences of up to 15 years in their fields of work. The current operational set up is made up of founder and 11 Co-Directors as listed below:

Founding Partners:

Prof. Joseph Mudekereza – President and CEO. Justin, also known as Joseph, is an icon as well as the brain behind ADEC's success over the years. With a professional experience in Business, Humanitarian and Non-Profit, Education fields; he has for over 20 years believed in sharing developmental and sustainable skills to communities in Central and East Africa. Through the challenges and strains, Joseph established a number of voluntary projects to help the poor in different communities and his credibility earned him numerous international relations which called for the establishment of Aspire for African Development & Consulting - ADEC formerly African Development & Consulting - ADEC. ADEC Ltd offers Pro Bono services to development organizations on demand.



  1. Eng. Sebuuzi Geoffrey (ICT, MBA, BPS), Project Coordinator Uganda
  2. Abasi Kironde (MBA, Bsc, BBA, ACCA), Coordinator East Africa
  3. Ms. Sarah A. (PhD, PMP, CSSGB)
  4. Ms. Clare Am. (MA HRM)
  5. Ms. Esther M. (MSc Telecom Eng.)
  6. Dr. M. Olivia. (PhD Education)
  7. Hon. Senator NELSON B., Coordinator DR-Congo
  8. Eng. Justin Bonjo (MSc IT)
  9. Ms. Laurence Bushige (MSc Finance & Investment), Financial Risk Manager
  10. MSc Makombe Sangano, Coordinator Central Africa region

In addition, ADEC has full-time access to over thirty (30) high-end and experienced Professional Associates on part-time basis in all core areas of operation. These can be mobilized at short notice – based on immediate demand.

To be apart of our team, please contact us. At ADEC we are always providing the best and any extra partnership or personnel shall be welcome.