We are an East African based consulting organization operating since 2010, whose aims are to provide professional consulting services to development organizations, private and public sectors in the rapidly growing economies of Central & East African Region. ADEC provides to its clients high quality consulting services on a demand basis, with main focus on Development Program, Project Cycle Management, and covering a) Inception & Identification, b) Preparation & Design, c) Appraisal & Feasibility Studies, d) Monitoring & Managing Implementation, e) All Evaluations, f) Closure .... Read More

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Project Undertaken

ADEC Ltd has participated in the implementation of many projects funded by Community Based Organizations, government institutions, National NGOs and International NGOs with the active participation of our Consultants. In some projects we work as contractors whereas in others we work as subcontractors.

Due to the problem we encountered with some people who were contacting companies who partnered with our partners in different projects in Uganda and elsewhere (without contacting us first), we decided to disable the information that was posted on this page.

If you need to know more about our "Projects undertaken" please contact us with your motives and we shall provide you with all the information you need.


FRAUD: We are an institution against fraud. CORRUPTION: We contribute to the fight against corruption OUR BELIEF: It is possible to fight fraud & corruption in the countries where we work. ADEC recognizes that there is no possible development where fraud & corruption are healthy

Planning, Project Design And Proposals

Aspire for African Development Consults
  • Professional development of investment programs and projects in all sectors and themes, covering: Identification and Inception, Preparation and Design, Appraisal and Feasibility Studies, Managing Implementation, Designing and undertaking Monitoring and Evaluations, Systematic Continuous and Periodic Reviews, Decommissioning, Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Top notch planning and utilization management of land, water, environment and other natural resources.
  • General and Socio-Economic Public Policy analysis.
  • Analysis of Social and Economic Infrastructure (Telecom, Energy, Roads) Commodity Policies, Industry, Value Chains and Competitiveness.

Data and Information Surveys

  • Provide expertise in the design, methodologies and tools for conducting surveys, overarching research and real-time and conventional data collection surveys, documentation, storage, retrieval, presentation and reporting; e.g. baseline surveys, impact studies, service delivery studies.
  • Undertake commodity value-chain development and market analyses, other specialized studies
  • Provide professional support and undertake research in macro and micro socio-economic and financial aspects of; agricultural, water, environment, health and population (including HIV / AIDS), energy, and infrastructure for the local and international public and private sector clients.

Monitoring & Managing Implementation

Rigorous Evaluations & Impact Studies


Business Solutions

Our Webdesign Portfolio

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